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You Know Media is a gaming specific independent media publisher. We are driven by a passion to improve gaming in Australia, and succeed through our expertise in media advertising and targeted content platforms.

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For advertisers, You Know Media is taking the Australian Gaming industry to the next level and allow brands to have a voice in this growing market. By educating brands on gaming we’re ensuring they can capitalize on this rapidly increasing audience with clear, engaging and results driven solutions.


You Know Media is pioneering new avenues for brands to immerse themselves within the gaming culture through our exclusive partnerships with leading games publishers and content producers from the top sites in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK and America. With over 2 million gamers a month and growing, You Know Media is a new type of publisher focused on using insight and innovation to deliver results.

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With 93% of Australian homes now set up for gaming and 68% (and growing) of all Australians playing games, its undeniable that gamers make up a large part of your audience, whatever your industry.


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With eSports, access and technology growth, clients are finding gamers are a huge part of their audience.

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