Advertising Products
YKM puts your brand in the heart of where gamers are reading, watching, learning, playing and being entertained. With the biggest site network reaching 3 million gamers each month, multiple interest pages we can help your brand target console or mobile gamers, hardcore or casual, general interest or specific titles to make it so your advertising is always relevant and targeted, guaranteeing you the best results for every dollar spent.

Video Network

  • 30+ sites, mobile first, interactive and performance proven
  • Unique content from the world’s biggest teams, events and BTS interviews. Our sites are where gamers go to learn, be entertained and get the latest updates about this fast paced industry.
  • 70%+ completion rates, 70% + view-ability
  • MOAT, IAS compatible
  • No user generated content, to deliver brand safety

High-Impact Display

  • We deliver high impact placements that are unmissable to this audience
  • Low ad-block rate
  • Interactivity and engagement formats (video etc.)
  • Unique / Incremental audiences (works great to boost DSP buys)
  • Programmatic options

Content Creation

Our team of editors and creators engage this audience every day with content they love. So let us build a unique content piece for your brand that is engaging, seamless and is proven to increase the performance of your media. It gives you shareable and relevant content that this audience values, which keeps your brand not just visible, but positively associated.

Talent / Influencer Campaigns

Experts, teams, commentators and influencers. We help your brand talk their language and be part of gaming. Our unique model guarantees views, is brand safe and focuses on results, not just hype (although we create that too).

Ad Creation

Need to create bespoke ads? Want to build something that reflects both your brand and the platform? Or simple need assets made for this market, our team has created ads for tons of brands to get their campaign moving.

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