YKM NewsYou Know Media and Stevivor announce advertising partnership targeting Australia and New Zealand

You Know Media and Stevivor announce advertising partnership targeting Australia and New Zealand



You might not have caught the article, but Stevivor, Australia’s leading independent video games website, has signed an exclusive advertising agreement with You Know Media.


You Know Media will oversee all of the digital advertising and sales on behalf of Stevivor in Australia and New Zealand.


“You Know Media is fervent about video games, and those who play them,” said Steve Wright, Editor-in-Chief at Stevivor. “It’s a perfect fit for this next step in Stevivor’s evolution.”


“This partnership will allow for investment in back-end technology and finally allow me to pay my amazing stable of writers,” Wright continued. “Best of all, You Know Media will be managing that entire side of things, so my staff and I can fully concent rate on top-notch content creation.”


The site has been seeing month-on-month increases in unique readers and page views throughout 2015 and 2016, and used this strong performance to secure a spot on Metacritic in June of this year– the first Australian gaming site to be included into Metacritic’s panel of publications in a number of years.


“The partnership was a natural fit,” added Ryan Cunningham, CEO of You Know Media.


“Stevivor embodies our core principles, which are to improve gaming in Australia and invest in quality content produced locally for Australian audiences. We are very excited to drive their commercial and partnership opportunities and start building exciting options for advertisers and game developers around the site.”


This new signing by You Know Media continues its quest to take the Australian gaming industry to the next level, allowing advertisers to capitalise on Stevivor’s ever-increasing audience with clear, engaging and results-driven solutions.


The partnership between Stevivor and You Know Media officially begins on 1 August 2016.

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