With over 10 years of success, YKM is the market leader in delivering brands gaming partnerships. With the awards to prove it. Working with the biggest gaming publishers, across a portfolio of major game titles, we have proven success in delivering ROI for brands and getting them truly in the game.

Award winning success: Global Festival of Media Awards winner for Best Esports Partnership and B&T Award for Best Digital Partnership.

Game Alignment

Game launches are bigger than movies and TV shows. They command huge fan bases and on going support year round. Now YKM can partner your brand with the most anticipated games, with millions of players to help launch a product, reach a target audience or just be part of the hype to drive sales! With the largest portfolio of major games in market, we have the right title for your brand to create massive awareness with this every growing audience.

Esports Partnerships

Major tournaments, millions of viewers, massive prize money, Esports is delivering a major opportunity brands just cant afford to miss. YKM can put your brand at the event, in broadcast, on stream and into the action. Representing the #1 esport in market, our strategy has delivered massive ROI for every brand we integrate with seamless execution from start to winner! It's time to get your brand in on the action

Team Sponsorships

Want to show your commitment to local gamers? We offer a range of opportunities to partner with the best teams and players in market. Both local and international opportunities are ready to build your brands profile with their fan base!

Co-branded Opportunities

Have a specific launch or sale coming? YKM can get your audience hyped with exclusive opportunities from the biggest games. Whether it be on pack, exclusive unlocks or content, we will have the gaming audience hungry to engage with your brand.

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