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Macca’s McDelivery

Millennials love for Macca’s was in decline. For the first time in Macca’s Aussie history they were struggling to connect with the youth of Australia. Their stats showed: 85% of millennials watched less than 4 hours of TV/week if any at all and 50% use ad-blockers, instead spending 25 hours a week online, with 20 of them being in video games.


McDonald’s wanted to reach this audience authentically, as multiple other brands had failed by trying to use traditional sport tactics, losing the audience forever.

But they didn’t want to just slap a logo on esports but rather find out how to enhance the gaming culture in a Macca’s way. Recreating the Macca’s brand feel within the gaming arena.

Client: McDonald’s

Campaign: McDelivery

Category: Esports

Execution – Year 1

YKM created multi-tiered solution, firstly by creating a strong position for McDonalds as adding value to esports. This was brought to life after they sponsored Starcraft due to its heritage in esports, with a long loyal fanbase, whilst proving McDonalds both ‘Got’ the space, whilst also giving us key areas McDonalds could influence to grow the sport.

This expanded as McDonalds (through YKM) produced and amplified behind-the-scenes content and unlocked access to local and international events previously unobtainable for Australian players and fans.

Blizzard, for the first time, unlocked their platforms and databases driving the partnership.

“You Know Media brought incredible knowledge and industry contacts along with access to an audience at scale through their network of media channels. They worked with us to develop our 3 year roadmap and helped identify Blizzard as a strong partner with clear alignment in values. This partnership would provide the authenticity, reputation and brand partnership experience that was critical in engaging with our audience.”

Aaron Miller, National Director, Sport Partnerships OMG

Execution – Year 2

After the overwhelming success and community support from year 1, McDonalds dramatically increased their commitment by over 15x in Year 2, expanding the partnership across all 5 blizzards titles/games, which was a global esports first. Additionally, YKM launched the Path to Pro, an online learning tool and content series working with professional players to help teach players at home and directly aligning with McDonalds wider sport and brand strategy.

  • Over 40 million minutes of branding watched
  • 20 unique content pieces driving both branding and product awareness
  • Massive increase in sales and direct connection and executions in store. 
  • Multiple in-app sales promotions resulting in targeted data capture and retargeting

Execution – Years 3-5

McDonalds are now the leading brand sponsor in Australian esports. Our strategy was to consolidate this with focus on the #1 title Overwatch. We extended this partnership to real world activations at the 2 biggest esports events in Australia (IEM and MEO).

We created new broadcast segments (Maccas MVP), new ad placements (global firsts) and commentary structures and drove live hype at McDonalds stores using Blizzards in-game assets.

We also merged the digital communication creating multiple bespoke McDonalds Esports ads that directly spoke to the audience and showcased their commitment to the space.

Merged Blizzard’s in game rewards into McDonalds Monopoly campaign, driving the 3rd highest prize redemption across all partners.

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