Norton 360 for Gamers

Client: Norton

Campaign: Norton 360 for Gamers

Category: Esports


Gamers don’t consider themselves at risk to online hackers. They don’t think products like anti-virus are custom to their problems and how they need to be protected (online persona’s and game accounts).


How do we connect Norton 360 for gamers to problems gamers already have? How do we create relevance and value for their time, whilst authentically showcasing that Norton 360 for Gamers is a custom built product for them?


We needed to make the problem personal. Connect Norton 360 for Gamers, to gamers problems. What is the one thing gamers hate more than anything? Game hackers! Cheats that ruin their games through bots, wall hacks and scripting.

“You hate them in your games, so why allow them in your PC?”

But to grab their attention, we had to talk their language, through influencers who represent them. Enter PandaTV and Mythi.

We created 2 tailored content videos (in unique gamer style) around the worst game hacker moments, which were both entertaining and informative, showcasing how Norton 360 for Gamers was built for gamers, by gamers and is supported by their favourite gamers.

Total 1.9 million views across 2 videos

Massive engagement with 7k likes, 188 comments and 164 shares

Huge call to action driving 190% of estimated traffic to site

200% additional value in media reach

This campaign delivered amazing results, rejuvenating the perception and connection of Norton 360 for gamers. Connecting authentically ensured an overwhelming positive sentiment result by this hard-to-reach audience and most importantly drove sales at a key period.

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