Talent & Influencers

Experts, professional gamers and influencers. We help your brand talk the language of the audience. Our unique model guarantees views, is brand safe and focuses on results, not just hype.

(Although we create that too)

How our model works: YKM doesn’t just partner with brands, we deliver end-to-end solutions to make sure your brand’s message is relevant, has reach, and delivers the results you want!

Talent & Influencers

Using the biggest names and gamers in market, we have the right fit for your brand’s style, voice and message. YKM ensures we only work with brand safe talent who can deliver both the right execution and keep the audience focused on your brand!

Content Producers

End to end delivery. Our team works with the talent to script, produce and publisher the content, which keeps it both authentic for the talent (and their audience) as well as your brand. We take the work hassle and costs out of content production!

Guaranteed Views

The days of hoping something goes viral is over. YKMs model guarantees that your content will be viewed en masse with the right audience in the right areas. Using our massive media network, we amplify your content to our tuned in audience and guarantee results, it’s that easy

Brand Safety

Gaming is a new area for a lot of brands. YKM has success in working with the biggest brands across Australia because we have the strictest brand safety guidelines in the industry. So whatever your brand style is, we can find the right audience and voice for you, risk free.

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